Leading Courses & Prime Golf Estates Form Strategic Partnership

10th September 2021
Leading Courses & Prime Golf Estates Form Strategic Partnership

Golf course review and tee time booking website LeadingCourses.comand golf property company Prime Golf Estates have entered into a strategic partnership to enable golfers to find properties located on the finest golf courses around the world. 

Always wanted to know which beautiful properties are for sale on golf courses? The collaboration between Leading Courses and Prime Golf Estates now makes this possible thanks to a smart integration. Prime Golf Estates’ international portfolio of luxury golf villas, apartments and building plots can now be found on the related golf club pages on Leadingcourses.com. Besides offering the most exclusive golf properties, Prime Golf Estates acts as a local purchasing agent and assists in the purchase process from A to Z.       

The pandemic has created a clear trend for property buyers to move away from busy city centres to more remote areas with a higher quality of life. Working from home has become conventional and, thanks to digitalisation, people are increasingly choosing to work remote. Golf is by nature a social-distance sport and has therefore gained enormous popularity, especially among young people. It is therefore not surprising that the global demand for golf property continues to rise enormously.

With over 14 years of experience in the golf market, Leading Courses is a recognised and globally respected company among golfers. The integration makes it possible for Prime Golf Estates to reach a large group of international golfers. Vice versa, it is now easy for visitors of Leadingcourses.com to find and purchase the best real estate at golf resorts. Through the exclusive partnership with Prime Golf Estates, Leading Courses now meets the great demand of the thousands of monthly visitors for golf-related real estate.

Prime Golf Estates was founded in 2019 by golfers and experienced real estate agents Eric Jansen and Edmond van Wijngaarden. There appeared to be a huge need, but also a lack of a conveniently arranged offer of high-end real estate on the world’s best golf courses. With the launch of a new platform, Prime Golf Estates has succeeded in mapping the best golf real estate in the world.

The portfolio currently consists of exclusive homes and new-build projects on 60 golf courses in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Morocco and Hungary. With a team of carefully selected local partners, Prime Golf Estates has become the leading golf property broker in a short period of time. In 2021 and 2022 Prime Golf Estates will expand its portfolio with at least five new destinations on several continents.

Leading Courses was established in 2007 to help golfers find and play the golf courses of their choice around the world. The website provides information on over 25,000 golf courses worldwide. Over the past 14 years, hundreds of thousands of reviews have been written to help golfers make the best choice of where to play.

Today, LeadingCourses.com has over 400,000 website visitors per month and offers tee times on 1,750 golf courses in 12 countries. That makes it Europe’s largest platform for golf course reviews and tee time bookings.

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